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Routine examination of the Eye is conducted through a series of tests to check your vision and health of your eyes.
A complete eye examination should be done every 3 – 5 years if there are no problems. If you feel difficulty in eye sight or any other noticeable changes, an eye examination should be scheduled at the earliest. People more than the age of 40 or those with a family history of Glaucoma, eye examinations should be done more frequently to test for glaucoma. Anyone with diabetes should have an eye tests at least once a year.

We are performing Phaco-Surgery with the most advanced “Infinity Vision System with Ozil Torsional Phacoemulsifier (Alcon, USA)”, which provides the patient a better corneal protection, leading to faster recovery. The main aim of cataract surgery today is improved quality of vision, smaller incision and faster visual rehabilitation. Intra ocular lens (IOL) has a very important role to play in this matter, such as the Foldable and Injectable lens, Aberration Free lens, Toric lens and Multifocal lens.

Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world. The definition has changed from being a simple disease of raised intra ocular pressure to a more complex optic neuropathy caused by progressive loss of retinal nerve cells leading to atrophy of the optic nerve.
In India, Glaucoma is the second largest blinding disorder, after cataract, affecting about 12 million people and more than 9% of the total blind population, increasing rapidly with population growth and increase in life expectancy. Globally, as per an estimate, 80 million people have Glaucoma worldwide which is predicted to be around 111.8 million by the year 2040. If left untreated, Glaucoma may lead to complete blindness.
Depending upon the Glaucoma progression of a person, we emphasize on repeated periodic diagnosis and treatment if necessary.

Biometry is done to calculate the power of the lens for the purpose of implantation of IOL by using advanced technology A Scan equipment. It is done by Contact as well as the Immersion method for accurate Multi-focal IOL calculation.

To diagnose vision problems at an early stage in children, we have a dedicated pediatric facility along with surgical treatment given to newborns as well.

Retinal Survey & Prophylactic Retinal Cryopexy for Retinal breaks and High Resolution Digital Retinal Photography by “High Resolution Fundus Camera from Canon, (Japan) and diode Laser Endophotocoagulation system”.

Contact Lens Clinic

We conduct video instruction and practical demonstration programme for each and every post-operative patient to educate everyone about precautions to be taken and recognize possible complications which may develop through faulty post-operative care. We are conducting awareness programmes in various blinding disorders of the eye for the last 20 years.